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EMORY SERVICES   Welcome to our Emory salon's services page!
Our Emory location is a hair and makeup salon with a mezzanine lounge and special events capabilities.

    Select one of our service offerings below to find out more about each service and price rates.

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COLOR   Highlight, Lowlight, Ombre, or Balayage...
We've got the expertise to give you the color and the look you desire.  Our trained colorists can give you that natural color blend you desire or a color punch that will leave an impression in everyone's eyes.  Ask for a custom design color or bring in a photo of a look you desire, we'll make it happen. 

Emily J Color Bar
Come and join us at our custom color bar.  We'll start you off with a warm tea or coffee and give you one of our complementary aromatherapy, hand massage, or shoulder rub service to help you relax while getting your hair colored.   Come and check out our color bar, we've got a full spectrum of colors along with the expert colorists waiting to color your outlook as you desire.

Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Color
If you haven't had hair coloring with Aveda Full Spectrum Hair Color, you haven't seen hair color shine or felt the hair conditioning like this before.  Its 99% naturally derived, essentially damage-free, and fade-resistant when combined with Aveda Color Conserve shampoo and conditioner.

Aveda FS Deep Hair Color
If you've got dark or course hair and been disappointed with hair coloring at other salons, come and try our Aveda Deep Hair Coloring designed just for people like you.  Whether you want amazing grey coverage, rich shiny color, blonde from brunette, or avoiding undesirable warmth/orange, come and try our Aveda Deep Coloring.  It will change the way you've experienced coloring.

Color service includes consulting, color, shampoo, and conditioner.

    Single Process $ Designer Master 1 Master 2 Director   Add On Discount**  
    Partical Re-Touch Up (~6 wks)* $55+ $60+ $70+ $80+   N/A  
    * Partial Re-Touch Up is only available for color services performed at Emily J      
    Basic Toning $50+   N/A  
    Glossing / Coating $60+ $70+ $80+ $90+   -$20  
    Demi-Deposit $80+ $90+ $100+ $110+   -$20  
    Color / Root $70+ $80+ $90+ $100+   N/A  
    Lighting (<25 foils) $80+ $100+ $120+ $140+   -$20  
    Balayage $90+ $110+ $130+ $150+   -$20  
    Micro Lighting $120+ $130+ $140+ $160+   -$20  
    Color / Ombr√© $100+ $120+ $140+ $160+   -$20  
Lighting $120+ $140+ $160+ $190+   -$20
    Balayage $130+ $150+ $170+ $200+   -$20  
    Micro Lighting $200+ $210+ $220+ $250+   -$20  
    Color Change Consulting Required      
    ** Add On Discount is applied when combined with other select hair services  
*OUR DESIGNER LEVELS   Designer:  Our seasoned designer level with 2 to 5 years of experience. Have already built a solid cosmetology foundation, and have begun mastering many of our services.

Master 1:  Our significantly experienced level with 5 to 10 years of experience. Have mastered the art of hair and can perform all Emily J services with a flare.

Master 2:  Our exceptional, senior level with more than 10 years of experience.  Equivalent to educator level or above for most salons.

Director:  Industry leading top level with more than 15 years of experience. Recommended for people who have always had a challenging experience at a salon.

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