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DULUTH SERVICES   Welcome to our Duluth salon's services page!
Our Duluth location is a full service salon with hair, makeup, and skin care services.

    Select one of our service offerings below to find out more about each service and price rates.

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TEXTURE & PERM We are Texture & Perm Specialists!
It doen't matter that we all weren't born with the perfect textured hair we wanted.  It can be achieved with Emily J's texture, perm, and treatement services. 

> It takes too long to prepare your hair every morning?  No problem, we can reduce that to wash and go. 
> Wish you had big natural waves, without the frizz?  That can be done without the effects of humidity.
> Have hard to manage curly hair and want a smooth straight hair?  You can have that with volume as well.

Come and consult with one of our expert designers on updating and improve your hair texture... not only will it change your hair style, it can change your life style.

Perm Types vs. Perm Styles

What's the difference between perm types and perm styles?  Perm styles are desired finished look or hair styles achieved with perms.  Perm types are the technical processes used to achieve the perm styles or look.

Listed below are summary of representative perm types and perm styles.  For more detail information, consult with our expert designers we'll help you select the right perm type and perm style for your life style.

Majority of perms fall into two categories, regular (aka chemical) perm or thermal perm.

Regular (Chemical) Perm:  Regular or Chemical perms are performed using a form of rolling/texture mechanism and the perm product.  The perm product is usually self or body heat activated with some heat processing to speed up the bonding process.

> Regular Roll Perm:  Chemical perm performed using various diameter rolls to determine the size of the hair waves.
> Texture & Shaggy Perms:  Chemical perm used to create various size of waves or non-uniform shaggy pattern for a more natural stylish look with volume.
> Roll Straight Perm:  Chemical perm using a long wide flat surface to straighten a curly hair.

Thermal Perm:  Thermal perms are heat activated perms, generally requiring a constant high temperature external heat source.

> Thermal Wave Perm:  A thermal perm machine is used to create free flowing large natural waves.  Last longer than regular waves and are best for longer hair lengths.
> Straightening & Volume Straightening Perms:  Thermal perm hand crafted by the designer using a flat or volume straightening iron. (
aka Magic Straight / Japanese Straight / Volume Magic).
> Straightening with Wave Perm:  Combination of straightening and thermal wave perms to create a smooth straight flowing hair that ends with large natural waves.  (
aka Magic Setting Perm)

Here are the general perm styles with a brief description of the finished look.  Many of these styles can be achieved with both regular or thermal perm types described to the left.

Plain Curl Perm
:  Regular permanent uniform curl or wave across all sections of hair.  Great for creating volume and ease of styling.

Spot Curl Perm:  Plain curl or wave on a specific section of hair, usually the middle to ends of hair.  Best for longer length and straight hair.

Spiral Perm:  Tight, cascading curls that look like cork screws or spirals.  Can be applied to shorter or longer hair, but is not recommended for everyone.

Body Perm:  Large loose natural looking waves from the root to tip that create volume for longer straight hair.

Multi-Textured Perm:  Multiple sizes of curls and waves that create mixed texture, blended look. 

Root Perm:  Volume creating perm done at the roots to create body for flat, limp hair or to change up the grain of the hair for improved styling.

Stacked Perm:  Adds curls only to the lower length and ends of the hair with straight hair on the upper length closer to the roots.

Straight Perm:  Straightens naturally curly or frizzy hair to a smooth straight finish.  Straight perm using a form of thermal perm tends to be shinier and longer lasting.
    Texture and perm service includes consulting, perm, shampoo, and conditioner.
      Designer Master 1 Master 2 Director   Add On Discount*  
    Regular Waves $75+ $80+ $90+ $100+   -$20  
    Spiral Waves $150+ $160+ $170+ $180+   -$20  
    Thermal Waves $180+ $190+ $200+ $210+   -$20  
          +pH Balance $230+ $240+ $250+ $260+   -$20  
    Straightening $180+ $190+ $200+ $210+   -$20  
          +pH Balance $230+ $240+ $250+ $260+   -$20  
    Volume Straightening $230+ $240+ $250+ $260+   -$20  
          +pH Balance $280+ $290+ $300+ $310+   -$20  
    +pH Balance includes an acidic treatment that balances the hair pH and improves damage hair. 
  Recommended for damanaged and/or stressed hair.

    * Add On Discount is applied when combined with other select hair services

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